Do you know someone who is hearing impaired?

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Hearing Aids

Having a hearing loss doesn't have to affect your life. Since opening our doors in 1980, hundreds of our customers have rediscovered sounds they didn't even know were there!

Many of them are just like you, looking to capture those lost sounds again and get back to the important parts of life! At Hearing Healthcare Associates, we offer the latest hearing aids technology has to offer. These aren't the bulky devices of the 80's! Hearing aid leaders like GN ReSound and Oticon have amazing devices so tiny and powerful, you won't even know they're there!

Our staff has years of experience with many brands, and will not hesitate to give you the inside info on hearing aids of all types. Knowing is half the battle, and at HHA, we know!

Equally as important as the hearing aid itself, is the programming contained within. No two hearing aids are alike! Our advanced and thorough hearing exam ensures that you will have a hearing aid matching your exact levels of hearing loss.

For more information about hearing aids, give us a call at (978)922-1888 or take a look at some of our recommended brands.

Oticon GN ReSound Phonak

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