Do you know someone who is hearing impaired?

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Hearing Evaluations

When voices and familiar sounds become muffled or hard to hear, it can be an indication of hearing loss. Not all hearing loss is the same, however, and identifying the cause and degree of loss is an important first step to a solution.

A hearing evaluation uses various methods to test the ability to hear sounds, resulting in an accurate snapshot of hearing levels.

Also called an audiology exam, our evaluations are performed on site by our specially trained hearing care professionals. To determine if you may need an evaluation, ask yourself some quick questions:

Do people frequently comment on how loud you play the stereo and television?

Do you often ask people to repeat themselves because their speech is unclear?

Have you often been exposed to loud noise at work, or during social events like concerts?

Answering "yes" to any of these questions could be a sign of hearing loss. A brief survey available online at can expand on these questions. At Hearing Healthcare Associates, we'll help you find out what's going on quickly, so you can get back to hearing life!


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